Nickolas Crim

About me

Hey I'm Nickolas! Husband, father, introvert, freelancer, writer, and interested in too many things to list (Barbara Sher coined us Scanners). This small piece of the web serves as a launch pad for my projects, ideas, and other interesting things I discover.

Currently I'm avaliable for hire for freelance web design and development projects. I've built websites for numerous businesses and creative agencies using modern web standards and popular tools like Wordpress and Webflow. This website was built using HTML5 and Tailwindcss and deployed on Netlify.

My days are spent in a variety of ways: reading, learning, thinking, walking, exercising, hanging out with my family, and working. My goal is to live a fulfilling life and pursue work that supports my life.


Writing is something I enjoy and I share things I've written on Substack. You can subscribe right here.

Jam sessions

I block off time on Thursdays and Fridays to make space for meaningful conversations. It can be reconnecting with someone or meeting someone new.

You've heard of music jam sessions? These are like those, but we'll be jammin to ideas and insights.

If you're interested, we can schedule a jam session using calendly.


Occasionally I have more interview style conversations with people and share those via my podcast. Click the cover image to browse past episodes.